Let's Make Some Magic




Below you will find five Magic Trick videos. Each one is simple to learn, using regular objects found around the house. Remember that these tricks aren't much fun until you perform them, & bring them to life! Practice the trick over & over until you can present it smoothly, then focus on speaking with confidence. You will soon find that with these tricks you will be entertaing your friends in no time!


That is how you turn simple tricks into real MAGIC!

Come Back Coin - A Coin Magically Jumps From Your Pocket To Your Hand

Hypno Straw - A Plastic Straw Moves Without Being Touched!

Slap Dash - A Coin Disappears & Reappears Inches Away!

Roll Up - Two Pieces of Paper In a Pile Impossibly Swap Positions!

Spoon To Fork - A Spoon Magically Transforms Into A Fork!

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