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Svengali Deck & Book
10.00 GBP

The Svengali Deck is an ingenious magic deck of cards & with the accompanying book "110 incredible Magic Tricks with a Svengali Deck" you are set to perform miracles.

Free p&p U.K only

You can amaze friends & audiences after practicing with this ingenious Svengali deck of cards. Below are listed a few of the 110 tricks YOU can learn from the book -


* Show a normal deck - then change ALL the cards to the previously selected cards.


* Seal a card in an envelope - then have a spectator pick the card in the envelope.


* Spectator stabs the deck - the selected card is where the person inserts the blade.


* The selected card appears in your pocket or anywhere else.


* The card that was selected appears anyplace where the spectator cuts into the deck.


** & MUCH MORE **

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