Royston's Magic Lessons




Royston also offers 1 hour private magic lessons teaching all or part selection* of the Magic Tricks & Effects on the left

*(minimum 8 Magic Tricks)


Only available in Jersey Channel Islands

How it works? - Choose any 8 Magic Tricks from Royston's Magic Shop & Royston will bring them to a venue of your choice & will teach you how to work & preform them with all the professional touches that Royston has learnt over the years


When can the magic lessons take place? - Royston's Magic Lessons are avalable Monday's to Friday (inclusive) during the day or early evening at a venue of your choice


What Age are they designed for? - 7 year olds to Adults. Royston can help in choosing the Magic Tricks to suit the age


Can more than one person learn at a time? - Royston has no problem teaching more than one person at a time all you have to do is pay for the extra 8 Magic Tricks "at the prices in Royston's Magic Shop" per extra person. 

There is no extra charge for an adult learning with a child "under 16"


How much are Royston's 1 hour Magic Lessons? - The 1 hour Magic Lesson is £160.00 inclusive of 8 Magic Tricks of your choice from Royston's Magic Shop

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