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Welcome to Royston's Magic Shop, all the Magic Tricks & Effects have been handpicked by Royston & are easy to perform with MAXIMUM magical impact. Amaze your friends & be the star at your next event!


- All the Magic Tricks come with full instructions -


Svengali Deck of Cards & Book of how to do 110 tricks with this GREAT trick deck



Stripper Deck of Cards & Book of how to do 110 magic tricks with this GREAT trick deck



Dream Queen a perfect card trick to carry in your pocket & is always ready mystify



Tree Of Diamonds a great card trick were the 3 of diamonds turns into the tree of dimonds



Trapezoid Water Vase fill the vase with water turn it upside down & the water magically stays suspended



Wonder Treasure Box put a note inside the sealed box no one can open it unless you know the clever secret



Money Paddle the paddle is shown blank on both sides then instantly coins appear




Pea Can with the Pea can you make one item change into another just like magic




Super Floating Match place a match on the back of a card & watch it float more than an inch above the card



Incredible Traffic Light one of the three colours from one card will disappear & appear on the blank card



Houdini's Beads Three beads magically escape from a pair of cords




Buddha Papers Mystery A coin mysteriously appears in a set of empty papers





Royston also offers 1 hour private magic lessons teaching all or part selection*

of the Magic Tricks & Effects above

*(minimum 8 Magic Tricks)

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